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Further Down the Road

Since getting back to the States at the end of last summer, a lot has happened. A LOT. Most notably, and relevant to the Biking Borders project…

1. I gave a talk at Carleton in January about my trip, along with my Mullin Prize co-winner, Hunter Knight. I have a DVD of the event and hope to post the talk on this blog soon.

2. I completed two senior integrative exercises in one term. My history comps was a 35 page paper titled “One Border, Two Walls: Conflict and Conceptualization Along the German-German Border, 1945-1972.” The paper explores conflict and perception of the border in Berlin and on the inner-German border, arguing that German division was made clear by developments in rural Germany long before the Berlin Wall was built. My comps project for CAMS can be found online. This project examines the genre of Rephotography as it relates to theory and New Media, using the Iron Curtain as my subject. The website includes a theoretical essay, numerous rephotographs made over the summer, and a Google Earth tour.

3. I have the opportunity to join Professor John Schott and the Carleton CAMS seminar in Berlin this week to help them implement a Rephotography project I helped design that is based on my comps, as well as extend my own work in the genre. The trip will include a bike ride along part of the Berlin Wall, which will definitely qualify as a border bike ride. You can follow the action at historyvision.net, as well as the good old Biking Borders twitter feed.

Needless to say, the German-German border, the Iron Curtain, and borders in general are obviously an ongoing obsession that has consumed much of my academic life and captured my sense of adventure. I hope to keep biking (or maybe walking!) and photographing borders for a long time to come.

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