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Notes on Bikes

I recently got a bike specifically for this trip- the Montague Paratrooper. It kind of looks like a tank in this picture, and it’s apparently “designed to drop from the sky and land prepared for action.” But, it’s not super heavy (29lbs) and folds up for easy(ier) travel, which will make flying to and from Europe so much better.

So, I’ve actually had it for a week now, and have been practicing folding and unfolding, attaching and detaching the pedals and wheel, and enjoying the beginning of a beautiful relationship. Today, I finally got to take it for a substantial ride! My friend Ellen and I did about 15 miles on some of the rougher roads around Northfield. It was a blast, discovering how my bike rides (smooth) and experiencing the sheer power of 2nd gear. Not to mention it was a gorgeous day for a ride, about 70 degrees and little wind. I was sweaty and kind of tired by the time we got back to campus, and I have a feeling that my butt will be sore tomorrow. We averaged 13.2 mph, some hills, but pretty flat. I’m estimating that this ride would represent a third of a typical day on the trail.

Real training starts now! I’ve been cooped up on a recumbant for most of the winter in the rec center, or otherwise occupied with frisbee, and it’s amazing to be riding outside, and I’m getting so excited for the trip. Next weekend, Ellen and I will be doing a two-day trip, heading to River Falls, WI and back. That’s about 48 miles, so that will be interesting, and tons-o-fun!

For more information on the Paratrooper: RideTHISBike

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